Draw Process

Get Your Draws Fast Without Hassle

Being reimbursed for work performed is simple, fast, and handled by our dedicated construction team who are eager to assist. To enhance the borrower experience, BD Capital has partnered with Built to allow busy investors to focus on their projects rather than burn valuable time on paperwork.

Request & Schedule Your Inspection

  • Log into Built and request inspection.
  • Create a draw if you have a specific $ amount with supporting information OR we will default to % complete.

Receive Ticket & Approve Amount

  • In 2 – 3 days the draw has been confirmed, inspected, and uploaded.
  • Once you approve, BD Capital will prepare the wire distribution.

Receive Wired Funds

  • Wired funds typically go out within 24 - 48 hours once all documentation is verified and your approval is received.

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