Loan Process

Our In-House Team is Alongside You the Whole Way

Even the most experienced investors can dread the loan process. BD Capital is different with a focus on communication, transparency, and urgency.

Loan Submission

It is important to us to learn about you and your vision for the project. We can certainly write “one-off” loans, but BD Capital is interested in long-term relationships.

We take the time to get important information up front so that we can provide a quick Letter of Intent.

Borrower items we collect at Step 1 include: 

• Address • Acquisition Cost • Project Exit Value • Budget • Previous Experience in Last 36 Months • Verbal Credit Score • Cash on Hand

Letter of Intent

“Speed to offer” is important to you and a focus of ours.

BD Capital has an in-house team of construction professionals, analysts, and transaction experts. The LOI is sent for electronic signature and an online processing deposit is collected that is credited at closing.


Borrower Deliverables:

Phase 1 Borrower Deliverables are mission critical to getting your loan off to a fast start so that a closing date can be established.

  • Authorization Form
  • Itemized Budget (needed to order appraisal and initial inspection)
  • Borrower Experience Documentation – Last 36 Months
  • Plans / Drawings (if applicable)
  • Purchase Agreement
  • 2 Months Most Recent Bank Statements Photo ID
  • LLC Paperwork
  • Attorney / Title Contact Information

Phase 2 Borrower Deliverables are necessary to move to closing. These documents include:

  • Personal Financial Statement (PFS)
  • Real Estate Owned (REO)
  • Property Insurance and Liability Insurance
  • Survey (if applicable)

BD Capital Generated Deliverables:

Our in-house team works diligently on your behalf to complete the diligence file. These documents include:

  • Appraisal
  • Property Inspection
  • Zoning Review
  • Flood Certificate
  • Budget Review
  • Sponsor / General Contractor Vetted
  • Background Check
  • Credit Report UCC, OFAC, Bankruptcy, Judgement/Lien Searches


BD Capital has never missed a Closing Date. One of the many reasons is that we set all expectations on Day 1.

Once Step 3, Phase 1 is complete, your closing date is scheduled. BD Capital works with a national private lending attorney in conjunction with the title company to ensure a smooth transaction.

Matthew C.Residential Developer
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"Their professional team made the process smooth and closing was seamless. No stress! Expectations were defined and all my questions were answered quickly. Draws have been timely. I look forward to growing my real estate investment business alongside BD Capital."

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