How To Ensure A Positive House Flip Inspection

How To Ensure A Positive House Flip Inspection

Getting your property ready for a house flip inspection is among the most important part of the home selling process.

Thus, fixing and flipping a home is a big task and comes with great responsibility. A little preparation goes a long way. You need to make sure that everything the inspectors will look at is done properly the first time.

Unpleasant surprises that come up during an inspection can delay or even completely derail the closing of the sale and as a result, the house flipping may end up in losses. So, keep a house flip inspection checklist handy when you are done.

Here’s how to prepare for home inspection check list:

  1. Cut the Clutter: This is probably the easiest step towards a positive home inspection. A messy look is not a good look. There is a reason they often say, “The first impression is the last impression”. Make sure the property is neat and clean for the fix and flip inspection and you have removed anything that makes the property look disheveled.  Visible clutters can give the inspector the wrong impression and thus, it defines his or her outlook towards your property for the rest of the inspection.
  2. Plug all the Leaks: Leaky pipes are not a good look either. They stain the walls and also bring unpleasant smells. Sometimes, they can be a health hazard too. They might create problems with wiring in the house.  Get to the root of it and fix them.   
  3. Proud Landscaping: Are any trees rubbing against the property walls or are there any sick or dying trees on the property? The landscaping is the first thing that the inspector will notice. It’s better if you hire a professional gardener or landscaper to mow the lawn, trim the hedges and blow the debris from the property. Do it right after you are done working on the interior of the house. 
  4. Value the Time: There is always a strong possibility that the home inspector will arrive before the scheduled appointment for the inspection. Now you don’t want to get caught fixing a stray bush, do you? So, have everything ready and be at the property right on time to avoid an unpleasant situation. Inspectors appreciate those who value their time.
  5. Check the Light Bulbs: A light bulb may sound basic, but this could play a big role. One light bulb can stir doubt in the inspector’s mind about other general upkeep.
  6. Keep Doors Open: You know that inspectors are required to record everything. The inspector needs to check everything including the garage and attic, so it’s important that you give them a clear path. This keeps you from wasting time and on the off chance, doesn’t leave room for unnecessary or unfounded suspicions.
  7. Be Clear About Minor Flaws: This may sound weird, but you should discuss minor flaws with the property inspector if they are identified in your presence. This approach may seem like you would be going against the grain, but the property inspector will appreciate your honesty. Simply tell the inspector that you plan to address these flaws before the closing date.
  8. Making Sure That the Appliances are Empty: The inspector can check the appliances, including the washer, stove and such. Make sure that the appliances are empty already. It won’t earn you any points to get the cookies out of the oven during the inspection. It is also important to keep the utilities connected. Because if there is no electricity, the house inspector will have to reschedule and this might push the closing date. 
  9. Keep Your Documents Handy: Does your flipped property have a new roof or basement? Did you install a new chimney or furnace? Make sure you are ready to show this in the documentation. It is the inspector’s prerogative and responsibility to know that you hired a licensed professional to take care of remodeling and repairing the property.

How To Pass Home Inspection Checklist: The Bottom Line

You have put some serious hard work into the fix and flip property, so why be lazy when it matters the most. Learn all about how to pass a home inspection by consulting the experts.

It is crucial that you don’t lose time putting your flip on the market. So, it is important that you, as a house flipper, make sure that you have cleared all the hurdles before you look at selling it.

It is also important to remember that with an asset such as real estate, possibilities are endless. You repair a property for human inhabitation. It could be for a family, office-going occupants sharing on rent, or a short-term rental.

So, while house flipping can be an exciting and rewarding way to turn a profit, it certainly requires hard work and the determination to take on risks. You can learn more about house flipping and the funding it requires right here. It is always good to work out all your options.

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