Residential Development Loans

Horizontal & Vertical Proceeds

High Leverage Residential Development Loans

A unique product in the private lending space, BD Capital offers residential developers financing options for horizontal lot development through vertical construction. All residential property types are eligible across the country. BD Capital fields a dedicated team for just Residential Development Loans which helps facilitate smooth closings and yields repeat borrowers.

Residential Development - Program Details

  • Entitled Land Acquisition, Horizontal and / or Vertical Construction of 5+ Residential Properties
  • Includes Condo, Townhome, Single Family Community, Build To Rent, Multi Family
Experience LevelCredit ScoreInterest RatePointsReimbursement Rate on Construction CostsLoan % to CostLoan % to After Rehab ValueLoan % to Current ValuePre-Payment PenaltyCross Collateral / Blanket LoansLoan SizeLoan TermsExtension Available
High680Contact Us2.75%100%Contact UsContact UsN/ANoYes$2.5M-$50M24 MonthsYes
ExperienceCredit Score MinimumInterest RatePointsAdvance Rate On PurchaseAdvance Rate On RehabARVProperty TypesPre-Pay PenaltyExtensionsBlanket LoansLoan SizeLoan Terms
Any66010%-12%0 - 2%Up to 80%100%Up to 70%Single Family,
Multi Family,
Mixed Use
NoAvailableYes$75K - $2.5M12 Months

Horizontal & Vertical

BD Capital provides funds for horizontal lot development, not just for vertical construction like competing products.

Dedicated Team

The term sheet and closing process is smooth and transparent with a team in place just for the Residential Development Loan product.

Equity Lift

Some builders buy land years before they are ready to execute on their development or improve the land before a construction loan. BD Capital recognizes increased property value as imputed equity and costs spent to date which reduces a borrower’s cash to close.

Attractive Loan Traits

Higher leverage and a pre-funded interest reserve are just a couple of attributes that make the Residential Development Loan product attractive.

Residential Development - Recent Closings

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