5 Reasons You Might Make a Good Rehabber

Real estate is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who take calculated risks and know their domain well. Real estate has a place for everyone at the table, including rehabbers, wholesalers, realtors, contractors, architects, engineers and many more!   House flipping has caught on. So, what makes a good rehabber? It […]

How To Ensure A Positive House Flip Inspection

Getting your property ready for a house flip inspection is among the most important part of the home selling process. Thus, fixing and flipping a home is a big task and comes with great responsibility. A little preparation goes a long way. You need to make sure that everything the inspectors will look at is done […]

5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips Every House Flipper Should Know

Not every bathroom remodeling has to take the majority of a house flipping budget. It does not necessarily have to cost much to look good. Take it from us, it is possible to save money on bathroom remodeling in your fix and flip property by focusing on the fixing part instead of the redoing part. […]